Inbox Hero: Save Yourself from Email Overload Ken Fite



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Inbox Hero: Save Yourself from Email Overload  by  Ken Fite

Inbox Hero: Save Yourself from Email Overload by Ken Fite
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 73 pages | ISBN: | 10.77 Mb

Are you experiencing email overload? Do you waste countless hours on email while more important tasks go undone? Email is not your priority. It’s everyone else’s priority for how they want you to spend your time. The inbox is a never-ending to-do list that tries its best to plan your day for you. Most of us let it do just that. Emails are often manipulated emergencies that we feel we need to respond to instead of focusing on our deliverables, our priorities, and our goals.

In this book, I’ll walk you step-by-step through creating a few simple rules that will help you cut through the noise. I’ll explain easy to implement strategies that you can start using today for taking control of your inbox and overthrowing the things that cause overload. I’ll teach you how to be an inbox hero.Chapters included in this book:Chapter 1: Rules-Not all emails are created equal-Parse your inbox into 4 different views-Main Inbox-Planned Work-Low Priority-Notifications (Bacn)-Color code emails sent from important people-Color code emails sent just to you-Waiting For and To Be Filed foldersChapter 2: Processing-Order of operations-Short-term emails (tied to the server)-Long-term emails (tied to a personal folder)-The 4 Ds of processing email (the GTD method)-Don’t cherry pick your email-Sort email threads by conversations-Open all single-threaded emails at the same time-Never mark messages as unread-How to deal with email backlogs-When all else fails, declare email bankruptcyChapter 3: Strategy-Email is like laundry-The 24 hour rule-Responsiveness and the 1-time snooze-Avoid back-and-forths by throttling replies-When in doubt, delete-The 30 day deadline-Stay in the loop on issues by tagging yourself-Turn on your out of office well before leaving for vacationChapter 4: Writing-Write compelling headlines-Use EOM in subject lines-Write one-liners-The 3 email rule-Create canned responses for common emailsChapter 5: Focusing-Turn off the email dopamine drip-Disable new mail notifications-How often should you process email each day?-What times are best for processing email?-Keep appointments with yourself-Improve concentration by going off the grid-Interruptions, multitasking, and task-switching costsChapter 6: Tracking-Use delayed delivery for someone who’s out of the office-Send an email to future you-Stop using your inbox as your to-do list-BCC yourself to track tasks and document completed work-Read receipts: don’t use them, don’t acknowledge them-Use reminder flags on emails sent to others for follow-ups-Use Outlook’s Task feature for tracking your work (if that’s your thing)Chapter 7: Organizing and Search-Are you wasting your time filing email?-If you must file email, here’s how to do it-Stuff emails with keywords to help with search-Find related messages by sender or subject using simple search-How to use advanced find for more complex searches-Turn on saving of instant message conversations-Save space by deleting attachments from emails-Backup strategy and archivingChapter 8: Balancing-Avoid company-issued smartphones-Boundaries and checking work email at home or on vacation-If you must check work email away from work, here’s how to do it

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